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hewo :3
i'm Citlali, a dog on the internet. check out my cool stuff:

what's your problem?

i'm a queer & genderfluid nerd from southern california, studying computer science and mathematics at a local university. i sometimes work on various software development projects. you can find me spending time with my online friends on resonite, being in chatrooms on XMPP, and having some friends over to chill with. i'm open to contact anytime, just send me a message :3

i run UNIX.dog , a pubnix for queer furries :3
it's also where my new projects will be hosted on its forgejo instance, but any older projects might still be on github.

extra info

i enjoy playing FPS games of a variety of categories. i've really enjoyed playing ULTRAKILL and Valorant. i also play rhythm games, right now mainly BEATMANIA IIDX with a Phoenixwan controller.

i've got an HTC Vive i purchased way back in 2018, along with the Index controllers. i only really use VR to play resonite and create stuff in there, but I occasionally play beat saber because of my rhythm game brainrot, and i've beaten half-life alyx.

i am also a dog irl. bark woof arf arf woof arf


here's some of my friends with websites, in no particular order

contact info

You can usually find me as nullobsi on other sites.
Contact me via XMPP at nullobsi@unix.dog or via Telegram at @nullobsi.

I am also available via email at me@nullob.si. If you need a secure communication channel, please use either OMEMO with the following fingerprints:

BEECF187 51EBE15D 59623A28 16E14970 EDDDC4A1 A1B25ED9 677DEDD3 F58AE617
0329421C 9666FABF 127FBB55 69D83D0A B1BBFEF6 15257130 988B7EF3 1D985E79

or use my PGP key:

pub   ed25519/933A1F44222C2634 2021-11-05 [SC] // YubiKey 5C
      Key fingerprint = EAAC 1F70 1A83 BED2 88D0  64DC 933A 1F44 222C 2634
uid                 [ultimate] Citlali del Rey (nullobsi) <nullobsi@unix.dog>
uid                 [ultimate] [jpeg image of size 3850]
uid                 [ultimate] Citlali del Rey (nullobsi) <me@nullob.si>
uid                 [ultimate] Juan Pablo Zendejas (nullobsi) <jp@zendejas.family>
sub   ed25519/A3BDA3CE41224079 2021-11-05 [A] // YubiKey 5C
sub   cv25519/1F0BCBA69E7D974D 2021-11-05 [E] // No attestation
sub   ed25519/342661C4F68CD06D 2021-11-05 [S] // YubiKey 5
sub   ed25519/A8D4B4605B45B7FF 2021-11-05 [A] // YubiKey 5

These PGP keys (with exception of the encryption subkey) were generated on YubiKeys. The attestation files can be found in the green comments, and needed certificate chain here:
Yubico PGP CA
YubiKey 5 Attestation Certificate
YubiKey 5C Attestation Certificate